World leaders and their expensive time

Politics is a dirty game, but all of the world’s leaders like to play in the game. Leaders around the world have a strict dress code – culture gestate complex clothing, and the watches they are wearing more represent more bold expression of their own. Then take a look at the watches that these leaders are obsessed with.

Character: Nicolas Sarkozy, France’s former President
The watch he worn: Rolex Daytona white dial watch about $37,000 and the Girard Perregaux 1966 series Annual Calendar and Equation of Time watch about $287,000.

Comment: in 2013, Mr Sarkozy was selected as the most powerful man in France. He chose to interpret many related works through watches – decent and strong.

Character: Berlusconi – Former Italian prime minister
The watch he worn: Vacheron constantin Patrimony minute repeater perpetual calendar watch about $540,000.
Comment: Dear Mr. Former prime minister, the media tycoon, entrepreneurs, AC milan boss, the super-rich scandalist, we admire your choice of watches, not your decision.

Character: The late John Fitzgerald Kennedy – 35th President of the United States of America
The watch he worn: Omega Tank watch (repurchased from Omega Museum with an astonished price of $350,000)
Comment: The late President, does not seem to be a real watch aficionados. But we guess one of the reasons why he chose the omega Tank watch is because he is the most famous President of the United States.

Character: Dmitry medvedev, the Russian prime minister
The watch he worn: frank muller MARINER series 8080 CC AT MAR timing chronograph about $15,000.
Comment: Russia has been one of the world’s superpower, the frank muller on the prime minister’s wrist proved the strength.

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