Rolex Datejust 179138 champagne watch with diamond inlaid dial

The Rolex gold watch can be said as one of the best gold watches in the world, and most of the Rolex fans have the dream of buying rolex gold watch, and think that only this can be called the real Rolex, which is the Rolex consistent image for you. Today will bring you one of the best Rolex golden watch for you to know more about. Just follow me!

Rolex Datejust 179138 champagne watch with diamond inlaid dial
For this rolex golden watch, it is selling at the price of RMB 258,700 Yuan. Basic information about this Rolex Datejust 179138 are as follows: watch case of 18K gold inlaid diamonds in diameter of 26mm; watch dial of round shape in champagne color with diamond inlaid; table mirror of sapphire crystal; watch crown of 18k yellow gold; watch strap of golden color and 18k yellow gold material; watch buckle of folding buckle in 18k yellow gold of material; waterproof of 100 meters; watch movement of automatic movement.

Launched in the year of 1945, the Rolex Oyster Datejust with its elegant design and small window lens calendar display, has become one of the wrist watches with the highest recognition degree in the world. Both timeless aesthetic elements and excellent function, Rolex Datejust is a classic model of wrist watches. From aesthetic perspective, different types of Datejust wrist watches after years of baptism, still retain the original aesthetic elements. And its traditional watch has more become one of the most famous and most recognizable wrist watch in history.

Rolex watch belongs to more high-grade brand in the watch industry, the price is relatively high, especially this Rolex Datejust 179138 golden watch, and high taste of substances naturally has to cherish, so how to maintain is a issue for you, and you need to know more tips on maintaining the Rolex golden watch for more higher collection value.

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