Patek Philippe Ref.6002 Sky Moon Tourbillon

174 years passed since Patek Philippe was found. It is well-known for the complication watches. in 2006, the Ref Sky Moon Tourbillon is the grand complication watches and there are 12 complicated functions on just 2 small counters. Now, Ref.6002, as the next-generation great work, redefined the grand complication watches. We should know that only top hands and techniques can make such achievement, such beautiful dial and exquisite case. The look of Ref.6002 is the highlight. Fine ornamentation elevates the watch to a great example. The case and dial is perfect. A watch with tourbillon, the Art Work is more appropriate than a Watch. This watch mainly displays engravers’ and enamel masters. Since the end of 16 century, watch industry gradually come to exist, and that was closely connected to this two kind of masters.

Patek Philippe Ref.6002 Sky Moon Tourbillon melts that two traditional skills into it: the precise COSC tourbillon and top Geneva skills. Ref.6002’s case is made of a white and huge K gold and was carved into that shape. Calatrava and slight-domed shape is engraved with graver which can not only cut precious metal, but also process the surface of precious metal. Any distraction on the process will destroy and case which then have to put it back to the pot for reconstructing. Engravers not only make rilievo, they can also engrave a vivid pattern in such a tight space. So engraving along would take over 100 hours to until it is approved by Thierry Stern, technician and president of Patek Philippe. What’s more, engravers have engrave a minute repeater slide bar, two crowns and a white-gold buckle, according to the same accuracy and standard. Crown is both practical and visually beautiful. The winding crown at 4 o’clock has a rilievo mark to point the winding direction.

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