Hands-on TAG Heuer Formula 1 Limited Edition

This year is the thirtieth year that TAG Heuer works with McLaren, and in order to honor this moment, TAG Heuer is about to promote this special TAG Heuer Fomrula 1 Limited edition. It applies the red color, or glaring red, in other words, symbolizing speed, challenge, success and passion. This is a really man watch, a serious watch. Once you are determined to buy it, then using it in proper occasion is a respect to it.

This limited TAG Heuer is made of 316L stainless steel, with a tachymeter on it and is branded with McLaren on the aluminum bezel. On that arresting minute track bezel, it has a big number 30, which tells its difference from other TAG Heuer watches. Fitting with a quartz movement, TAG Heuer Formula 1 Limited edition has a amazing precision, as the movement is accurate to 0.1 seconds and is displayed at 6 o’clock. Minute register is placed at 9 o’clock, and the current second register is placed at 3 o’clock. Those three small registers have stark contrast to the grey and black dial, and they reflect, so they present an atmosphere of speed. The case reaches 42mm and the grey dial is well suitable for the red bezel. At the right side of the case, there is a chronograph button that could set the chronometer. With a glaring red and black bracelet, this TAG Heuer Formula 1 Limited edition appears to be cool and a really authentic sport watch.

Elastic NATO bracelet gives it great extention, and makes sure that anybody could wear it. At two ends of the watch is the hole that is cut by the laser, to guarantee that it has a great surface. At the case back, TAG Heuer uses a special way to express their relations: a profile of a MP4 racing car is branded on it and the same goes with the words, TAG Heuer. As a pioneer with hundreds of years experience in watch industry, Formula 1 limited edition will surely becomes the cult item among persons who love sport, racing cars, and other outdoor activities.

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