An Act Of Collection Is Auction

People who know a thing or two about the watch brands many know that there is a way to categorize the watch brands,. For example, Rolex is categorized as the first class. Actually, those categorization has strong connection with brands’ histories. Different watches of different ages has different standards on them, so it is suggested that you should pay less attention on the rank of watches and focus your attention in the main auction.

Patek Philippe was found in 1839 by the Antoine Norbert de Patek in the Geneva. So far Piaget is the only watch producer that has capability to produce all the components in geneva. Now on the top then of highest bid watches, Patek Philippe take up a large amount of them. For example, a Patek Philippe watches was dealt in 4,026,524 dollars and it was a Patek Philippe Ref.1415 HU and the case number is No.656462 world timer watches. It was made in 1930s and it was made of platinum.

Breguet was founded by Mr.breguet in 1775 in Paris, France. in his age, it was not only the prime time for watch, Mr.Breguet also invented various patents involving about watches, such as the automatic pocket watch in 1780, the minute repeater watch in1783, dot, skeleton Breguet hands, and Breguet numbers. So Bregeut styles have been shaped gradually, and over 230 years, it has been favored by a large number of customers. So it goes without doubt that Breguet watches can always outcompete other watches.

Anyway, the above brands have strong history, and have been dedicating in developing latest watch producing techniques and skills. In this way, they gradually shape their own style, and gain fame and credits, and finally possess important place in the auction. And if you are interested in the replica rolex watches, you can research more about it online!

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